At JANJIC ARCHITECTURE, we believe that we can offer the best service to our clients by making them an INTEGRAL part of the design process. we bring the know how of the trade and our clients bring the why. Through this COLLABORATION, unique and true designs are created that fit our clients needs and budgets. 

Involvement of all design and engineering trades at the oust of each project and using BIM (Building Information Technology) three dimensional software improves overall understanding of the final outcome of the design and helps in establishing a more accurate construction process. 



With over 30 years of EXPERIENCE practicing architecture, urban planning and interior design in Europe, South America and United States, Janjic Architecture was created with the view that the best architecture stems from close observation of NATURAL ENVIRONMENT and elements that surround the project. With the innate inclination toward modern architecture, I believe that MODERN forms and clean lines best compliment the natural surrounding, merging the natural and man made into one. 

Simplicity and PRACTICAL solutions always translate into hightly EFFICIENT AND VERSATILE spaces. 

Building responsibly and in a SUSTAINABLE manner is the only way that we will be able to solve the energy problems that we are facing in the future. 

On Architecture

SIMPLICITY. Modern architecture appears to be inherently simple. Yet, it takes a lot of refinement to achieve that simplicity of forms and harmony of spaces. This is where the every day solution seeking ends and the creative artistic begins. 

DESIGN. I believe firmly that great design works directly towards the improvement of the basic quality of living. On an abstract level, I work at discovering the elusive lines that tie the pieces of the design into a coherent expressive whole that best match the project requirements. 

COLLABORATION. Many players are needed to create a successful project. Much like any other team, the outcome will depend on how well all the players understand that they are on the same team. The sooner this happens, the better for all involved.